London – my journey

Meet the team ! Worship Central Academy 2013-2014

Never for a minute did I think I would be saying I live in London ! I’m here for a year for the Worship Central course to learn and grow in my faith as a worship leader. I never really knew what God was calling me to do until this option was there and until I prayed for guidance. For the past few years I’ve studied music at college and loved learning more about how to create and write music. I also studied vocal techniques and performing techniques- both which I loved and learned a lot from. From doing this I got involved in a school volunteering once a week where I helped teach kids singing, it really opened my eyes- most of the kids were visually or sensory impaired. I worked closely with a young girl Shannon who couldn’t see and hardly talked- so you can imagine how impacted I was when she sang a 20 minuet set of songs word for word. Music changed her life. Now I want God to help me change other peoples life’s through worship and music. I want to share Gods love and I feel it’s a challenge but it’s one I’m willing to take. I am using this year to learn and grow in my knowledge and understanding of Worship and Gods word.
I have had my introduction week! What a week it was . Firstly I moved with a car full to London Fulham where I’m staying with 3 others, James, Claire and Bethan. They are lovely and I know we will get on great and have lots of fun together! On the first Sunday all the WCA students were welcomed in to Holy Trinity Brompton church, we then had lunch where I met some people I would be studying with! Our first Monday was a ‘getting to know you day’ where I met the staff and other students and Thursday was a day which we were told all about what the coarse involves and what I will be doing throughout the year! I also got to meet my placement staff and see around the church I’m placed at- St George’s in Holborn. Here’s just a few things I’m going to be involved at Holy Trinity Brompton and St George’s :
-Alpha helper (Wednesdays)
– Helping theHomeless (Fridays)
– staff meeting and creative space (Tuesdays)
– theology training (Mondays)
– worship leadership training and music training (Thursdays)
As you can see it’s going to be a very busy year- but I’m so excited about it ! Thanks for all your prayers and I’ll keep you all updated!
My new address is : 53 Delorme Street



3 thoughts on “London – my journey

  1. Ian Steel

    Sounds great Joanne… your going to be busy.
    I recently took part in a course over 4 weekends called “Integrating Life and Faith”, it was an eye and “mind opening course” which made me look again at how I (as a Christian) could carry our Gods work and “introduce” my faith into my everyday life (not just at church where I am an elder)… and into the life’s of others without being to Evangelistic about it (ie ramming by beliefs down other peoples throats LOL), but more by doing and by example.

    I’m sure that what you are doing will open doors and give you a new perspective in your faith and the work you do…. and it already sounds like it has so far, been very rewarding.

    Very best wishes to you From me and Barbara.
    Ian Steel

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